The Shrouded Wilds

For thousands of years, The Wilds were hidden behind a veil of magical fog. Those who entered the heavy mists were never seen again. But after three millennia, the veil suddenly lifted, revealing a once-known land, now unknown, ripe for exploration. The Shrouded Wilds are a land of mystery and intrigue, filled with powerful magics and the hidden treasures of song and story. But with the treasures come great perils… The fog that once shrouded the land may have lifted for a reason, and the dangers that once slept now awaken.
Will you take up the call to adventure and explore the Shrouded Wilds? The choice is yours!

What is it?

The Shrouded Wilds is a West Marches-style Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition community play campaign focused on exploration and discovery. This game doesn't have one general plot made by a GM instead you and the other players decide where to go and what to do.To learn more please join the discord where you can find the players guide and friendly GMs and players to help answer any questions you have.